Anthony's Sustainable Restaurants – Mentoring Street Kids and Child Soldiers in Uganda

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Meet Anthony.

For nearly 20 years, Anthony has been helping homeless children and former child soldiers get healed, find hope, and get their education.

Anthony has a unique solution to help the youth of Uganda: Instead of giving them food, Anthony wants to give them jobs.

His dream is to build restaurants in Uganda, and use them to train children in the culinary arts. Using a model of mentorship and apprenticeship, kids would start out small, like at any restaurant, washing dishes and cleaning up.

But they would also learn how to cook. How to prepare a menu. How to buy from markets. How to budget. How to be part of a team. How to lead. And eventually how to own and operate a small business.

The restaurants would provide food, income, and career training for these children, and give them the skills they need to start careers or operate businesses of their own throughout Africa.

Instead of relying on the kindness of strangers, this would allow these kids to help themselves. Instead of another government program, this would be a private sector initiative that would make a real difference in the community .

To build Anthony’s first sustainable restaurant we need to raise $30,000.

This is a tiny sum when compared to restaurants in the United States. But, it is doable. And it would make a huge impact in the lives of these children.

Let’s build that restaurant.

And lets help these kids build a better future for themselves.

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Bitcoin: a539b10c-7da3-4d37-9486-638d48a70ddf