PUBG- RESTAURANT JAIPUR | A PUBG-themed restaurant has opened in Jaipur, so now you don’t have to step into the battlefield to get your ‘chicken dinner’.

India Gets Its First PUBG-Themed Restaurant In Jaipur & Your ‘Chicken Dinner’ Is Now Sorted.
India is one of those countries where PUBG has gained immense popularity. And one of the direct results of this popularity seems to be a new restaurant that has opened up in Jaipur which is themed after PUBG.

A restaurant inspired by PLAYERSUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS opened up in Jaipur, India, according to a report from India Times. The PUBG-themed restaurant is named “Player Unknown’s Bellygrounds.

One look at the photos of the PUBG-themed restaurant makes it clear the restaurant used many designs and elements of PUBG in its decorations.

The outside of the restaurant features fake grass on the steps and the front of what appears to be a truck. The restaurant’s logo uses the PUBG logo and font. Inside of the restaurant, the tables resemble crates and there are paintings of easily recognizable PUBG skins on the wall.
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location: shop no 5, panchsheel colony, Ajmer road, Jaipur
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