South Indian Food in Kuala Lumpur (Vishalatchi Banana Leaf Meal)

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One of the absolute best reasons to visiti Malaysia is for its abundance of outstanding cuisine. And while local Malay and Chinese food are both insanely good, the Indian food is equally amazing. In Kuala Lumpur, much of the Indian food originates from the South of India, and much of it has Chettinad or Tamil Nadu influence. Banana leaf, as this meal is known throughout Kuala Lumpur, is basically a pile of rice sitting on top of a banana leaf that surrounded by a variety of vegetable curries and then one can also order meat or fish dishes on the side as well. The vegetarian curries change by the day, whatever fresh ingredients are available at the time are used. This particular day, there was an excellent beat curry, daal lentils, and some sort of okra curry.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that was so good, you had to eat there multiple times in a row? That’s exactly what happened to me at Vishalatchi Food and Catering Sou Indian Food restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. I had heard about it, and decided to go on a food excursion to go check it out. My first meal so so extraordinarily that the next day I returned fro breakfast and ended up eating nearly the same thing. I also returned again the next day for the same awesome feat, this place is literally that good! For this meal, I was greeted by the awesome South Indian staff, and when I began to film, they all were curious and wanted me to take their photos, it was great!

As for South Indian food, it’s amazing. Along with the vegetarian side dishes at Vishalatchi, the meat and seafood is great. After long contemplation I finally decided on a bowl of dry fish curry known as fish puttu. It was nicely spiced and went extremely well with the pile of rice and other dishes. Another thing I really enjoyed was the bowl of yoghurt provided along with the meal. It just kind of brought all the South Indian food together in a harmony of flavors. The entire meal was so good, I simply could barely even believe it. For most of the meal, I honestly had to just close my eyes and savor every single bite! Another bonus of eating banana leaf meals like this in Malaysia is that you can basically eat as much rice and vegetarian dishes as you want – they will keep refilling your leaf until you surrender. If you do visit Kuala Lumpur this is one of the ultimate must eat at restaurants in the city, I know you’ll love it!

Vishalatchi Food and Catering
Prices: I paid 13 RM for this meal and that includes rice and vegetarian sides (as much as you want), and also the fish dish and a tea
Address: 18 Jalan Scott, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lum 50470, Malaysia
Here are some direction on how to get there: From KL Sentral, walk down Jalan Tun Sambanthan 4 and take a left on Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad. Then you need to take that until it curves to the left but keep straight until you get to Jalan Scott where you make a left. Vishalatchi Food and Catering is on your left hand side before you get to the Hindu Temple.
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