#restaurantreviews The First of it’s kind in Kenya, Baobox is a board game cafe set to take over the gaming revolution in Nairobi City, Kenya. It’s aim is to take away focus from technology and encourage food old family bonding. In this Kenyan vlog I attend my friends birthday party where we eat lots of chicken tikka pizza and a vegetable mushroom pizza with drinks then do a restaurant review of a game cafe. Quite different from the rest. This is where people go to play board games, eat, socialize and even read! located on the 8th floor of pramukh towers, Westlands road Nairobi. I talk to one of the owners about why and how they came up with this whole idea… Passion plays a big role. I hope you enjoy this Nairobi restaurant review vlog. If you do show me some love and subscribe! ūüėȂ̧

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