Biryani @RAHHAMS International Family Restaurant, Frazer Town Bangalore

If you want to enjoy some scrumptious south indian style muslim biryani then a must visit place is Rahhams. Majority of us (southindians) are used to eating this type of biryani with short grain rice called jeeraga samba. The speciality of this rice is its easy to digest and also adds aroma to the biryani. Every grain of rice absorbs the meat juices and fat which literally melts in your mouth. Meat is marinated with raw papaya and simmered in spices the tender morsels of meat literally fall of the bone. Any dish cooked on mango wood and charcoal always enhances the flavor, here they have maintained the authentic way of preparing biryani and have been serving the delight for over a decade.

Faloodas starting at 140/- per serving
Malai Chicken Kabab priced at 240/- for half portion
Mutton Biryani full plate priced at 270/-

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